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About Pool & Spa Chemical Automation

Chemical Automation refers to the automatic monitoring and control of the sanitizer and pH levels in water, in order to maintain clean, safe water at all times, while achieving significant reductions in the cost of chemicals, maintenance and repairs. Chemical automation is now recognized as a necessity for all commercial and public pools and spas, as well as for quality residential installations. ControlOMatic systems offer the most advanced line of electronic controllers for monitoring and control of water chemistry.


The most important benefit of a ControlOMatic controller is the increased safety. When using a ControlOMatic controller the water chemistry will not be out of balance unless there is an alarm condition. ControlOMatic controllers measure the chemical values in the water continuously delivering the corrective chemicals exactly when needed. Unlike other chemical feed systems (adjustable feed pumps or metered erosion chlorinators), which are unable to adjust to changes in bather load or temperature, which can change the pool balance in a very short time.


With California Title 22 & the CDC Model Aquatic Code, chemical automation is a must for all public pools and spas.