The Serial Printer Returns

We had serial printer support years ago but very few people asked for it so we removed it. Now with California Title 22, some inspectors are now saying if they arrive at a facility and reports are missing a day or 2 of data, they will issue citations. Upon finding this out today, Scott is…

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Getting The Most Benefit From Your Chemical Automation System

We live in a world of instant gratification. people want instant results and can be very impatient at times, that’s just how people are.  It is also true that every pool or spa has it’s own personality so having a “one size fits all” set up is not practical for achieving maximum efficiency in chemical…

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Chemical Controller Articles

Here are links to recent controller articles written by our own Lance Fitzsimmons Aqua Magazine November 2015 Pool and Spa Marketing October 2015  

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Chemical Automation and Health Department Requirements

chemical automation system

Chemical Automation and Health Department Requirements In my 32 years being involved in the swimming pool industry in various ways from running a service route, renovation, repair, outside sales and inside sales and support, I have learned the value chemical automation. While having a service route, I had commercial accounts that I visited 3 times…

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Quick Reference Guides

There are now quick reference guides for the MiniWarden and PoolWarden along with a programming guide for liquid feed systems on the MiniWarden and PoolWarden pages.

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California Title 22 Compliance

Here is what was submitted to Orange County Health Department to Receive Approval For Title 22 Compliance California Title 22 Controller Requirements § 65523. Operation Records. (a) Except as provided in Health and Safety Code, section 116048, the pool operator of every public pool open for use at a public pool site shall test the…

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