Contra Costa Environmental Health

Last week I met Roberto Rodriguez and Lino Anchetta from Contra Costa Environmental Health to show them the PoolWarden Title 22 system. What makes our system different than others claiming to be Title 22 ready is the ability to take DPD Free chlorine readings for data and control. Other systems are using a calculated ppm based on ORP and pH but does not factor in cyanuric acid so the actual ppm is “estimated”. Since there are so many variables that affect ORP, it is not reliable to determine Free Chlorine from ORP & pH algorithms.Title 22 requires Free chlorine, pH and temperature readings to be recorded daily.

ControlOMatic is working with Contra Costa Environmental Health to bring awareness of how automated systems can capture Title 22 data.

The PoolWarden Dual T22 was installed to replace 2 CAT 5000 systems.


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