LA County Title 22 Requirements For Operational Records

LA County requirements for § 65523. Operation Records.

Hotels, health clubs and municipalities require a daily manual test. Residential units (apartments & HOA’s) with 25 or fewer units require 1 manual test as long as the pool or spa has an automated controller which can measure FREE Chlorine, pH & Temperature and display data at the push of a button so it can be transferred to the pool log. Properties with more than 25 units require 2 manual tests per week and the other readings can be transferred from the controller to the log also.

LA County does not accept calculated chlorine PPM. The controller must read FREE Chlorine.

The NSF certified MiniWarden and PoolWarden controllers with the TrueDPD added, are compliant with LA County’s requirements as they will measure and adjust FREE Chlorine, pH and temperature plus save the data which can be retrieved at the touch of a button in order to be transferred to the pool log sheet.

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