No Problem For The PoolWarden

The Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas has had problems with the chemistry in their Rehab Pool since day 1. The challenge is that all of their pools and spa plumbing diverts to a single room. The time it takes chemical to be injected and read by the controller is 22 minutes. There are 2 chlorine and acid feed systems for this 500,000 gallon pool. For chlorine ! is a 170 GPD peristaltic pump and the other is a 1200 GPD venturie feed system designed for peak demand. Various things were done with the existing controller to make it work but no luck and the system was mostly activated by hand. The acid is fed with a 170 GPD peristaltic pump and a CO2 injection system.

The PoolWarden with it’s auxiliary relays has been able to precisely control pH and ORP with its fully customizable feed rate and individual set points. Thanks to our local distributor Ken Green, owner of Fresh Pool Supply, this project is coming along nicely.


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