The Serial Printer Returns

We had serial printer support years ago but very few people asked for it so we removed it. Now with California Title 22, some inspectors are now saying if they arrive at a facility and reports are missing a day or 2 of data, they will issue citations. Upon finding this out today, Scott is putting serial printer support back into the software. Fortunately, the location for the RS232 port on our boards was never removed so we can immediately  start offering printer support and have it start spitting out daily reports which include chlorine PPM, pH and flow rates if needed.

I think this may finally satisfy even the most discriminating inspector on the letter of the law. Our catalog will soon be updated to include the serial printer upgrade.

Probably the only serial anything you want to have around.

§ 65523. Operation Records.
(a) Except as provided in Health and Safety Code, section 116048, the pool operator of every public pool open for use at a public pool site shall test the disinfectant residual and pH of the public pool water a minimum of once per day. The pool operator shall also test heated pools’ water temperature a minimum of once per day. The pool operator may perform these daily tests using a properly calibrated automatic chemical monitoring and control system if approved by the enforcing agent and in accordance with the manufacturer’s equipment specifications for calibration and directions for proper use. The pool operator shall maintain a written daily record of all test results, equipment readings, calibrations, and corrective action taken at the public pool site.

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