The CA Title 22 Cluster

It’s been almost 3 1/2 years since California Title 22 for swimming pools has taken effect and the level of confusion is higher than ever, making compliance somewhat difficult and time consuming when it is enforced. Enforcement, when it happens is cyclical and most are written up in the late spring or early summer.

Although the code allows for the Free Chlorine, pH and Temperature readings to be automated by properly installed and maintained controllers if approved by local agencies, many counties are still only accepting daily manual testing. Some counties are letting ORP controllers with “calculated” PPM to be installed for compliance even though calculated PPM is not Free Chlorine. The only method of testing free chlorine residual that is specifically mentioned is DPD testing, although there are other methods of testing free chlorine electronically which can be quite expensive.

Some counties I have spoken to are concerned about people using automation to game the system, which can happen but in reality it is much easier to manipulate the process with manual readings. Does anyone really think every pool service is going to accurately test and record 365 days per yer? Not only that but how much more traffic and pollution are caused by people driving around testing pools every day.

The process has been successfully automated in a few areas and could be done so everywhere but that will require local agencies to allow for properly installed and maintained automation systems to be implemented for Title 22 compliance, as well as pool service people to become more sophisticated which will help ensure the State’s pool and spas are safe.

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