Trail Blazing With The PoolWarden

Starting on January 2, 2018 we are releasing our new communication module for the PoolWarden. What makes this so special? It enables you to not only communicate with your PoolWarden in a whole new way, it also allows for simplification in the operation while providing for more features and online updates for future features. We have worked with some of our dealers to implement their ideas. Being connected to the internet will give you access to all the intelligence the PoolWarden has to offer but if for some reason you are not able to get an internet connection, many of the features will still be available to use. We now have 2 relay modes. Cycle and Mixing Times. Cycle time is new and simple. Mixing time is our advanced programming mode for the utmost control.

The biggest change you will see if the ability to communicate with your PoolWarden with a smart phone or tablet to not only see data but to make actual programming changes. Below are some images of how this works.

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