Value Based Chemical Automation

Since I started dealing with chemical automation in 1991, I have seen just about every manufacturer out there. Some good, some bad and some marginal. The one thing I found was the really expensive ones typically worked the best. The really cheap ones didn’t work so well and part of that, I’m sure was the low quality ORP & pH probes that came with them to help keep the cost down.

With the cost of electronics dropping over the last 2 decades, it has been much easier to reduce hardware costs although labor, regulatory, development and advertising costs continue to rise. This is why many companies outsource to countries like China. At ControlOMatic, we have chosen to maintain manufacturing at our facility in Grass Valley, CA, looking in other areas to cut costs while maintaining quality.

By doing our engineering in house, development costs are kept at a minimum. Our engineer Scott Lenney has almost 30 years experience designing chemical automation electronics so his time is primarily spent looking at ways to bring technological advances into our designs. Development costs are also kept down by listening to our customers experience in the field to continually strive to make our products the best they can be.

Money is also saved by staying away from injection molded parts which look cool but have no impact on product performance. Although injection molded parts are cheaper to produce, the molds themselves are quite expensive and don’t pay for themselves unless very high part quantities are being produced.

The bottom line is that we are able to offer feature packed controllers that you would expect to find in high end systems and some you won’t find anywhere else at a very competitive price.

All of our warranty work is done in house so you don’t have to worry about something taking months to get back. In some cases, we can even send a replacement before something comes back to us which minimizes down time.

In house experts in swimming pools and chemical automation allow us to provide a level of customer support that is hard to find anywhere else.

See for yourself and find out the value we provide in features and service in chemical automation.

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