Ventura County Title 22 Requirements

In continuing efforts to unravel Title 22 & chemical automation requirements, I just spoke Holly Sanford who is the Program Specialist  for Ventura County. Holly was very helpful and told me what one has to do in order use chemical automation to satisfy the daily recording requirements in Ventura County.

Chemical automation can be used in lieu of daily hand measurements with the following conditions:

It must be noted in pool log that daily monitoring is being performed remotely.

Service technician must record manual readings when visiting the facility along with controller readings for days when they weren’t there.

If using an ORP/pH controller, the operator must know at what ORP value the pool has no chlorine.

If pool falls out of compliance, someone must be dispatched to correct the problem.

When asked about FREE Chlorine & ORP sensors she said FREE Chlorine would be preferable to ORP as it is easier to understand.

Holly also noted that it is preferable to have someone notified by automation system when an alarm situation arises. She also said that if an automated facility has repeated closures by their department, that remote monitoring would be dis-allowed.

Holly was unaware of the PoolWarden or MiniWarden chemical automation systems and when I explained the capabilities and how they would satisfy their requirements she asked me how much is this? I gave her numbers and she said the price was reasonable.

Either system can be used with or without our TrueDPD technolgy and provide remote monitoring with alarm notifications to any combination of 4 e-mail/text messages.

Holly also commented on how their department wants to make it easy to comply. If you have any questions about public swimming pool codes in Ventura County, call Holly Sanford at 805.654.5039



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