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PoolWarden T22

For those that need to comply with California Title 22 Swimming Pool, This will allow you to get the data needed to comply.

What is a PoolWarden?

The PoolWarden is a single or dual pool pH, ORP and Temperature controller with many advanced features not found even in more expensive chemical controllers. ORP control with input voltage or dry contact for salt systems or solenoid valves using a transformer. The PoolWarden also has LSI pH control and cyanuric acid ORP offset.

UL 1563, CSA C22.2#218.1, NSF 50

The PoolWarden can be ordered with web communication or easily upgraded in the field.

PoolWarden Features

  • Measures pH, ORP & Temperature

    Monitor & Control of pH/ORP. Temperature Monitoring Only.

  • pH Lockout

    Disables chlorine feed in the event of high pH to prevent extreme chlorine levels.

  • Flexible Mixing Times

    Adjusts to any size pool or spa for precision chemical feed.

  • 2 Types of Selectable Overfeed Protection

    Set Overfeed is time allowed for controller to reach set point. Protection for chemical spills for damaged feed lines or pump tubes. Must be manually re-set

    Overfeed is cumulative daily time chemical pump can be on. Resets every day at midnight.

    Both overfeeds are programmable or can be easily disabled.

  • Cyanuric Acid ORP Offset

    For outdoor pools, the PoolWarden has the ability to add an ORP offset which allows for the ORP set point to be automatically set back during night time hours to help maintain more consistent PPM levels between day and night.

  • Heater Management

    The PoolWarden can be set up to manage 1 or 2 temperature set points based on time of day and day of week. An example would be to let the spa cool down after hours to save energy and discourage after hour use.

  • NEW PoolWarden Plus

    Advanced communication module offers simplified use and communication options. Built in WIFI, Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth and HDMI. Connect and program from your phone or tablet even without a network connection. Simply turn on your mobile hot spot, enter IP address and connect.

    Also allows for low cost Bluetooth printer!

Features Cont.

  • True DPD Free Chlorine Sensor Support

    Monitors and controls based on DPD chlorine levels.

  • Security Passwords & Service PIN Codes

    Limit access to controller and monitor service stops.

  • Manual & Auto Modes

    Programmable manual on times and automatic control.

  • Selectable Voltage Input

    110 or 220 VAC

  • Manual Measurement Entry for Langelier Index

    Automatically calculates saturation index.

  • Single or Two Pool Control

    The PoolWarden comes in a single or two pool configuration. If your equipment set up allows, you can use 1 PoolWarden to monitor and control say a pool and spa at the same location which simplifies installation and maintenance while saving you money.

  • Advanced Web Communications

    With the optional PW-Lan and bridge if needed,  you can retrieve data and get notifications to as many as 4 different email/text combinations. With a dedicated IP address, you can also have bi-directional communication with the Virtual Display which allows you to do everything you can do as if you were standing in front of the controller.

  • Display Features

    Easily see relay feed status and 1 touch quick menus for service, relay status, set points and quick adjustments.

PoolWarden Advantages

In addition to the above features, the PoolWarden is able to be field upgraded with web communications and our TrueDPD accessory. Meaning no need to to send the controller back to the factory if you decide you want either of these accessories at a later time.

With web communication, you have access to data, email/text alerts and remote control via the virtual display from any browser. Virtual display requires a dedicated IP.

Below is a screen shot of a dual PoolWarden Virtual Display with optional TrueDPD.

New PoolWarden Plus