Addressing Alkalinity and Copper Pipe Issues

One of customers, Stefan Nickodem from Commercial Clearwater asked about a problem he had with some of his pools that have underground copper plumbing that are staining coming into the pool. This is a good question and there is a way to address that as well as problems with rapidly decreasing alkalinity levels in pools with automatic acid feed. Luckily, Controlomatic controllers have the ability to lessen the effects of acid feed.

First of all, we recommend diluting the acid to 1 part acid to 4 parts water in the reservoir. Realizing that many times people are feeding straight acid, we can address this problem in a different manner. The MiniWarden and PoolWarden systems can easily be set up to inject very short bursts of acid in order to keep the acid concentration at a very low level in the plumbing and return areas in the pool or spa.

Here is an example:

Let’s say you have a 3 minute on time for your acid and a 7 minute off time. Break the feed time down to 5 seconds on and 20 seconds off. This allows time for the short burst of acid to mix in the plumbing and delivered to the pool where it will dissipate. This prevents the total alkalinity from being destroyed in the plumbing and the return areas in the pool and this also minimized corrosion.

The menu shown is the new quick pH Setup in our new software which is accessed by pushing 3 from the main screen.

IMG_4235 IMG_4236

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