Do my sensors need to be replaced?

A call came in form a user yesterday asking if he should purchase test buffers, solutions and a signal generator. Personally, I tried these in the mid 1990’s and found it to be a waste of time and money.

The MiniWarden and PoolWarden have a built in diagnostic feature for sensor calibration. This will indicate if your ORP and pH sensors are coming to the end of their service life. We also have low cost sensor test strip for controller verification. This eliminates the need for buffer solutions and signal generators.

Replacement Sensor Part Numbers:

Platinum Tipped ORP – ORP-COMP

Gold Tipped ORP – ORP-COMG

pH Sensor – pH-COM1

Temperature – PW-T10k-3ft or PW-T10k-10ft

MiniWarden Test Strip – MW-TS

PoolWarden Test Strip – PW-TS

To Access: From Main Screen press back and press enter when curser is under Service, then go to sensor calibration.


Next to calibration value there will be a percentage of calibration displayed. If the number is calibrated 50-70%,  you should consider replacing the sensor.

We also have a test strip that plugs into the sensor inputs and will give you to verify the controller is reading correctly. To use, remove sensor leads from sensor card, plug in test strip, secure screws on sensor card terminals and clear calibrations. The values should read ORP-682-686, pH 7.7-7.8, Temp 76

MiniWarden Test Strip & Sensor Inputs

mw strip

mworpph mwtempflow


PoolWarden Test Strip & Sensor Card

pw strippw sensor card


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