Exclusive Acid Safe Feed program for PoolWarden & MiniWarden

Being out in the field has its advantages. Here are 2 problems I found that needed solutions.

The effect automated acid feed has on total alkalinity and copper plumbing in older pools. I found that some people feed straight acid even though we recommend diluting 1 gallon of acid to 4 gallons water. Even diluted acid will tend to lower total alkalinity but not as drastically. This is caused by a concentrated low pH condition in the return plumbing and at the outlet in the pool which drives down alkalinity in those areas.

The solution is to add small amounts of acid with a lower mixing time to prevent low pH conditions on the plumbing. Below are examples of how to program for this and is only available on the PoolWarden & MiniWarden.

For feeding straight acid:

Proportional 0%

On Time- 00:00:04 for smaller pools & spas, 00:00:06 for larger pools

Min Time Off- 00:00:45 to 00:01;30 for smaller pools & spas, oo:00:30 to 00:01:00 for larger pools. The variation will depend on flow rates and distance to pool.

For feeding diluted acid the on time should be increased to 6 to 10 seconds on with the above off times.

Also, feeding to pools with underground copper plumbing you should have a pH Set point of 7.6

This programming prevents concentration of low pH by feeding small bursts of acid and allowing it to be carried off before introducing more.


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