Title 22 Swimming Pool

California Title 22 compliance for public swimming pools is starting to look like what happened with VGB compliance. Add to that companies making compliance claims without FREE CHLORINE RESIDUAL testing capabilities. Recently, I was in the OC Health Department office where I saw paperwork for an ORP controller with Calculated PPM. I asked the guy at the counter "So you are no longer requiring Free Chlorine measurements?" There was a pause with the deer in the headlights look and then he said. "I have nothing to do with that, it is up to the individual inspectors."

I suggest if you want to go that route to go with caution and perhaps consult an attorney. Anything could happen and the possibility of having to remove a peice of equipment due to a technicality or change of mind is possible. The code specifies:

The chlorine or bromine test kit shall be the diethyl-p-phenylenediamine (DPD) type or otherwise be capable of testing free-halogen residual.

We have consulted with various county health departments to add features that will help pool owners and operators become Title 22 compliant. The PoolWarden has the features needed for California Title 22 compliance in regard to measuring, controlling and recording water chemistry data.