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TrueDPD Operation

What is The TrueDPD?

The TrueDPD is an accessory designed for use with the MiniWarden and PoolWarden to allow monitor and control with true PPM measurements with DPD test reagent just like your manual test kit.

Web communications can be easily added to any controller to enable alarm condition notifications, data downloads and even bi-directional communication. This along with the TrueDPD will help you be California Title 22 compliant.

TrueDPD Features

  • Accessory To MiniWarden & PoolWarden To Allow PPM Monitoring & Control

    Monitor & Control of PPM via DPD Reagent

Features Cont.

  • True DPD Free Chlorine Sensor

    Ordered with MiniWarden or PoolWarden or easily added to existing controller in field.

TrueDPD Advantages

The TrueDPD Accessory allows for true PPM monitoring and control without ORP/pH conversion which is as accurate as your test kit.

With web communication, you have access to data, email/text alerts and remote control via the virtual display from any browser. Virtual display requires a dedicated IP.

Below is a screen shot of the MiniWarden Virtual Display with optional TrueDPD.